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Reef Dives On The Sunshine Coast

Reef Dives on the Sunshine Coast

Explore the underwater world of the Sunshine Coast with the expert guidance of our team of skilled professionals at Scuba World. As a world-class dive centre, you have come to the right place if you’re ready to start exploring the underwater worlds of the Sunshine Coast. We schedule regular trips to the ex-HMAS Brisbane Conservation Park, Mooloolaba Coral Reefs, and Moreton Bay Marine Park, and work with people of all skill levels.
Chosing the Right Diving Holiday


Diving holidays aren't exactly cheap; most people don’t become divers for a cheap bit of fun. With limited vacation time from work and the associated cost, you want to be certain you’ll have the best time possible on your diving holiday.
Getting Ready for Diving This Winter


During the winter months on the Sunshine Coast the land temp can get down to about 14C during the day + wind chill. The water temperature is currently 25C and dropping. Over the years of collecting data, the coldest period is in July and August where the water temp is 18 - 19 degrees.

What to look for in a dive computer

A dive computer is an electronic device that runs an algorithm every 15-30 seconds that calculates your nitrogen/oxygen/helium absorption at a given depth and time. It measures things like depth, dive time, and ascent rate. The algorithm in computers enables you to stay safe underwater and minimises decompression sickness. Scuba diving computers come in both wrist and console models. Console models are larger and attach to your first stage, they always include a submersible pressure gauge (SPG), while wrist models are smaller and are worn on your wrist.
Become a Decompression Diver

TRAINING: Should you become a Decompression Diver?

How many dives have you done where you’ve noticed your No Decompression Limit (NDL) is getting below 10 and you are forced to ascend to a shallower depth to continue the dive safely? Maybe you’ve done a few double dives on the ex-HMAS Brisbane and your NDL limits prevent you from staying at depth any longer, so you miss out on a lot of cool rooms below the deck.