Your introduction to the underwater world of scuba.


Your introduction to the underwater world of scuba.

Complete a pool experience before your learn to dive

Try Scuba Diving

This entry-level program gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world, in confined water, before committing to a full open water diver program with us.

Completing a pool experience before your learn to dive course with us is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Feel comfortable and safe breathing underwater and using scuba diving equipment before signing up for your full course.
  • Feel comfortable and confident completing the three fundamental skills that you will be taught and required to demonstrate in your learn to dive course
  • Feel comfortable equalizing the pressure in your ears
  • Be one step ahead of the other members in the class (having tried scuba before your actual course will ensure you are more comfortable going into day one)


*N.B. Should you wish to enroll in our Learn to Dive course, we will discount the course by $60.

  • 30mins in our on-site pool
  • All hire equipment
  • Session introduction (5 mins)
  • Wetsuit fitting (5 mins)
  • Pool session (30 mins)
  • Wash up (5 mins)
  • Learn to dive course details (5 – 10mins)
  • This pool session is only available to those who plan to complete a learn to dive course with us (a $60 discount will provided if you sign up for a learn to dive course within 30 days of your pool experience)
  • You must be 12 years or older
  • A dive medical questionnaire must be completed and signed before this experience

If you wish to complete a pool experience, but you have no intention of completing a learn to dive course OR you plan to learn to dive with another shop, then we run these for $179. The $50 discount still applies if you change your mind and enroll in a course with us.

Pool experiences are conducted in our on-site pool on demand. To schedule a booking, phone or email the shop. We will discuss a day/time that suits both parties. We will also discuss your future diving plans while on the phone. This course cannot be booked as a gift, or a surprise, we need to talk to the participant. This is to ensure the participant wants to do the pool experience.

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