to dive

We specialise in teaching safe, fun and extensive 4 day learn to dive courses.

to dive

We specialise in teaching safe, fun and extensive 4 day learn to dive courses.


Learn to Dive - ssi DIVING COURSE

Scuba Diving is a unique experience that allows you to explore places that only a handful of human beings have laid eyes on, and with 72% of the world being underwater, your Open Water SSI Diving Certification is your license to explore it.

A Scuba Diving Course is for fun loving individuals that crave adventure and social sporting activities. Meet new friends and enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue!

Take a scuba diving course in Mooloolaba and in your new serene weightless environment you will be enthralled by undersea caverns, swim with schools of beautiful fish, marvel at the beauty of turtles, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the ocean.  Come and join the many people learning to dive on the  Sunshine Coast who have made diving their life time passion.

Learn to scuba dive and explore some of the best diving sights that the Sunshine Coast has to offer.  In summer you’ll have the opportunity to see beautiful coral reefs, turtles and the masses of tropical fish while enjoying 26°C plus water temperatures. From May to October you will have the opportunity to witness the spectacle of the migrating humpback whales. This is a must!

Course prices range from $900 – $1100 (locals) – non locals are $150 extra.  

Why is there a price range? Prices are based on the Instructor who is teaching the program. We have four amazing instructors at Scuba World, ranging from new instructors to the owner/general manager who has been teaching since 2007. The cool part is you get to select who teaches you. We run 2 courses per month, so some instructors may not be teaching every month. If you want a specific instructor, you may have to wait.


Most other operators offer 2 or 3 day courses. 

  • A two day course will consist of a half a day in the pool and 4 dives, generally in the river (minimal marine life and sandy/rocky bottom). 
  • A three day course will consist of half a day to a full day in the pool, with 2 days on the boat diving on beautiful coral reef dives.
  • Our 45 years of experience have taught us that a four day course is truly the only way to be comfortable and confident while completing your ocean training. We spend 2 full days in the pool prior to your ocean training. Your buoyancy and breathing will be much more controlled and you will have the most amazing time when diving the beautiful coral reefs. Experience the Scuba World difference and book a learn to dive course today.

  • Your own Aqualung wetsuit to KEEP (WORTH UP TO $550)!
  • Access to online training
  • Qualified Instructor for your theory, pool training and ocean dives
  • Two full days of pool training (inc sausage sizzle on day 2)
  • 4 boat dives on the beautiful Mooloolaba Reefs
  • Morning tea and light refreshments during your boat dives
  • Use of all hire equipment (excluding mask, snorkel, fins and boots)
  • Internationally recognised digital Open Water Certification card

It is MANDATORY to either hire or purchase your snorkel equipment from Scuba World. You will enjoy diving a lot more if you have your own professionally fitted set of Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots purchased from Scuba World. Packages range from $420 to $700.

You also have the option to hire this equipment for $100 for your 4 day course. If you decide to purchase your Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots from Scuba World during your course the $100 hire fee will be credited towards your equipment.

SPECIAL – Purchase your Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots during your course and receive a gift voucher* for two dives on the ex-HMAS Brisbane wreck “One of Australia’s top five dive sites” (valued at $319)!

*This gift voucher is on a STANDBY basis

Our courses run over two weekends or four consecutive days – please check the course dates before booking.

  • Home Study | Complete 5 – 6 hours of online training prior to the course (this is included in the course)
  • Day 1 | 7:30am – 4pm: Meet + Greet, classroom session, and pool session (Kawana Aquatic Centre)
  • Day 2 | 7:30am – 4pm: Exam in morning and pool session (Kawana Aquatic Centre)
  • Day 3 | 6:45am – 1:30pm: Two boat dives (max depth 12 metres) followed by classroom session
  • Day 4 | 6:45am – 2pm: Two boat dives (max depth 18 metres), followed by classroom session and graduation

A dive medical is only required if you fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Those with an at risk medical condition; or
  • Are over 45 years of age; or
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) over 30 AND a waist circumference greater than 102cm for males and 88cm for females.

If you fall into one or more of these categories you will need to obtain a diving medical (AS4005.1) The cost is roughly $110 – $140 and takes about 45 minutes to complete with a registered diving doctor.

Not sure if you have an at risk medical condition? If you answer YES to any of the questions in this medical statement, you will need to obtain a dive medical.

Find a local diving doctor in your area or find out more information about diving medicals.

One of the course requirements is to demonstrate water proficiency skills. This includes a 200m swim (no time limit, any stroke) and a 10-minute survival float.

We offer monthly full time (4 days in a row) and weekend courses (always consecutive). View our learn to dive schedule for course dates.

Why learn to dive?

learn to dive
learn to dive

Complete a learn to dive course during these months and receive a free wetsuit

MonthsWetsuit typeValue
June, July, August and SeptemberAqualung Aquaflex 7mm$550
April, May, October and NovemberAqualung Aquaflex 5mm$460
December, January, February and MarchAqualung Hydroflex 3mm$260



DAY 1 & 2: 7:30 am – 4:30 pm | DAY 3 & 4: 6:45 am – 2:00 pm

There are no schedule courses in June, this is due to planned maintenance on our dive vessel

Scroll down for dates

Scroll down for dates

learn to dive

Steps to Certification

The steps to becoming a certified Open Water Diver are as follows:

  • View the course dates and check availability
  • Click on BOOK NOW button on our website and select your desired date
    • We run courses over 4 consecutive days or over 2 weekends.
  • Complete a medical statement or you need a medical from a doctor if you are 45years+
  • Book an appointment to get fitted out for your FREE WETSUIT
  • Download the FREE MySSI APP on the App Store or Google Play
  • Complete the online training component – you will receive an email from SSI with login details.
  • Arrive at Scuba World at the appropriate time/ date for your course
  • Complete 2 full days in the pool
  • Complete 4 ocean dives on the beautiful Coral Reefs off Mooloolaba over 2 full days

Congratulations! You’re now a certified Open Water diver with a qualification that will allow you to dive to 18 metres anywhere in the amazing underwater world.

learn to dive

Our mission is simple; create safe, comfortable, enthusiastic divers who always have a personal & enjoyable experience at Scuba World. We specialise in teaching safe, fun and extensive 4 day learn to dive courses. These courses are mainly aimed at locals who plan to take up scuba diving as a life long sport.

Scuba World is one of only three dive shops in Queensland that can offer you both an Australian Government Nationally Recognised Training Statement of Attainment and Internationally recognised certification card. These two qualifications guarantee you will receive the safest and highest quality learn to dive course in Australia!

You will learn to dive at our training dive sites around the Gneering Shoals.

The Gneering Shoals offer great dive sites ranging in depth from 5 metres – 30 metres. These sites are located only 15-20 minutes from our dive shop.