Enriched Air Nitrox Course (SSI)


Nitrox 40%

Scuba World is also the only dive shop in Australia that is an Aqualung Partner Centre and Scuba Schools International (SSI) Diamond Dive Centre. This is the highest achievable level worldwide.


Have you ever dreamed of having longer no-decompression limits to take pictures or explore a wreck? Did you ever want to be safer while diving concerning the potential risk of decompression sickness? Nitrox is the key. Due to the reduced fraction of nitrogen in your breathing gas, your body will have less work and the desaturation times will be reduced. In your ENRICHED AIR NITROX (EAN) course you will learn all the necessary rules for planning dives with Nitrox and using Nitrox in a safe way. An important key point in the entire course is analyzing your own tank prior to any Nitrox dive.

  • Open Water Diver


* Price subject to change without notice

  • Access to digital online training
  • 90 minute classroom/practical session (no pool or diving required)
  • Internationally recognised digital certification card
  • Morning: 8am – 10am
  • Evening: 5:30pm – 7:30pm

*Times are subject to change, please check your booking confirmation.

Structure: Classroom session, analysing gas procedures, and exam

  • Theory Workshop/ Diving on Nitrox and Nitrogen Narcosis
  • Your Total Diving System and Nitrox
  • Planning Your Nitrox Dives
  • Annalise your Nitrox Gas

The primary goal of any SSI Specialty course is to teach you important skills in a fun environment. All courses are taught using home study, academic sessions, and in-water training.

Dive computer (available to rent)


  • No course in April
  • Fri 17 May
  • No course in June
  • Fri 12 July
  • Sat 28 September
  • Fri 11 October
  • Fri 15 November
  • Fri 20 December

A certified SSI EAN Nitrox Diver can dive anywhere in the world using up to 40% oxygen in their cylinder.

PRIVATE 1 on 1 courses: If none of the above dates suit your schedule, we offer one on one sessions for $349. Please contact us with your preferred dates and we will do our best to accommodate you.