Scuba World is a government authorised licensee to issue permits to use the ex-HMAS Brisbane Public Mooring.

There is a maximum of 4 private divers at any one time on the public mooring.

There is a maximum of 10 club divers at any one time on the public mooring.

Times are available allocated in 3 hour slots.

*Please note that prices have increased effective 1 February 2023. This is the first increase since 2005 and represents inflation, as well as an extended time slot from 2 to 3 hours. 

$54 per diver for 3 hours

$48 per club member for 3 hours

There are no refunds once payment has been made. However, we do issue store credits in the correct circumstances. Read below for more details.


Scuba World strongly recommends booking the public mooring no earlier than 24 hours before you plan to dive. This will give you the most accurate weather forecast. For more information about weather conditions visit our diving conditions web page.


When can you cancel your dives and get a store credit?

  • If Scuba World cancel dives to the ex-HMAS Brisbane wreck due to unsafe weather conditions
  • If you provide a medical because you’re unfit for diving


What is the procedure to cancel your dives and get a store credit?

  • Call Scuba World on 54448595 to let us know you’d like to cancel and explain the reason why
  • If applicable, email or drop in a copy of your medical
  • A staff member will issue you with a store credit for the amount you paid less a $10 administration fee
  • This store credit is treated like cash. It can be used on any goods and or services at Scuba World and never expires

If you have a complaint, make the manager aware of this on the day so the issue can be resolved promptly.

  1. Fill in the online form below
  2. Call Scuba World on (07) 5444 8595 to confirm your preferred date and time is available
  3. Provide payment over the phone