Dive Master Course (SSI)


Dive Master

Scuba World is one of only three dive shops in Queensland that can offer you both an Australian Government Nationally Recognised Training Statement of Attainment and Internationally recognised certification card. 


SSI Dive Masters can lead and guide certified divers. Additionally, after passing the Snorkeling Instructor program, a Dive Master can teach and issue Snorkeling certifications. Dive Masters can assist SSI Instructors with pool/confined water and open water training under the direct supervision of an SSI Instructor. This brings valued experience for all future diving carriers!

Please get in contact with us if you wish to become a Professional Dive Master (07) 5444 8595.

  • Minimum age to start the training is 18 years
  • Own your own Total Diving System
  • Pass a commercial diving medical within the last year (AS2299.1)
  • Logged at least 40 open water dives
  • Hold an Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent
  • Complete 5 Navigation dives
  • Complete 5 logged deep dives (below 30m)
  • Complete 5 night dives
  • Hold a Stress/ Rescue certification or equivalent


  • Dive Master Instructor to complete your
    • Dive Guide Course
    • Science of Diving Speciality
  • Access to online materials
  • Internationally recognised digital certification
  • 3 x HMAS Brisbane trips (6 dives)
  • 2 x Reef trips (4 dives
  • SSI professional payment ($110)
  • AS 2299.1 commercial dive medical (roughly $200). This is required once every 12 months to stay current as a dive professional

The schedule of your course will be organised when you have a personal orientation with a staff member. This will be suited to fit your needs.


This course takes roughly 50 hours.

After passing the Dive Master course Candidates may do the following:

  • Give underwater tours to certified divers.
  • Teach Snorkelling after having passed the Snorkelling Instructor module and issue Snorkel Diver certifications
  • Assist as an assistant to Instructors

Dive Master Candidates may not:

  • Conduct or teach any SSI training programs for non-certified divers independently.
  • If you aren’t competent after 10 boat trips you’ll be required to complete additional trips. This will be charged at $100 per trip (normally $199)
  • All candidates must be able to complete the water fitness evaluation. This requires you to do the following:
    • 700m snorkel in less than 20 minutes
    • Tread water for 15 minutes
    • 25m underwater swim with snorkelling equipment
    • Full Unconscious Diver on the Surface Rescue Tow of a distance of 100m in less than 8 minutes
    • Minimum of 3 students to start the course
  • No current course dates available.

Full Time vs Part Time Training

Most professional courses are run full time. We do not believe in this type of training. Our course schedules are designed for you to get the most out of each session. Imagine sitting in a classroom for 8 hours learning about Physics, Physiology and the Gas Laws, most people would zone out after 1-2 hours. We specialise in part-time sessions up to a maximum of 4 hours, with a break in between.


If you are looking for a zero to hero (Open Water Diver to Instructor) course in a 6 month period we are simply not the shop for you. We believe in training divers slowly, and making sure they gain relative experience between each course. This is paramount to becoming an expert dive leader.