At Scuba World, we understand that customers have diverse preferences and values when making purchases. In line with the saying, you can have it “fast and good”, but not “cheap, fast, and good”, we offer two distinct sales models:

Best Price (sale price): DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR PLATINUM CLUB. We strive to provide items at the most competitive prices, actively competing with other online stores and reducing our profit margins by up to 30%.

Best Service (RRP): MUST BE SELECTED IF WANTING TO JOIN THE PLATINUM CLUB. Our commitment to delivering the best possible service involves significant costs. This includes maintaining a retail shop where you can personally try out our products, employing knowledgeable staff dedicated to assisting you in finding the most suitable product for your needs, and having cashflow tied up in holding stock on the shop floor.

Purchases made online or instore at the BEST PRICE (NOT RRP) are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale.

  1. You cannot take the item on the spot, even if you purchase in store. We know this sounds silly, however if you were to purchase an item from another online store, you would be waiting between 3 days to 2 weeks.
  2. You need to wait three days before you can can pick up the item or have it delivered (FREE for orders over $200).
  3. You have the option to TAKE THE ITEM NOW for an additional 15% or pay the RRP.
  4. There is no sales advice included. Our experienced sales team are passionate about ensuring all customers get the right product/s for there diving needs.
  5. You are not allowed to try any products on.
  6. We do not set anything up for you (regulators, BCs, computers, transmitters, mask cleaning ect)
  7. Set up of Regulators – $50, BCs – $50, computers + transmitter – $50, mask cleaning $20
  8. If there is a problem with the item i.e. warranty. If you want us to handle the warranty for you need to pay $50 for admin & freight costs. (this is payable before any warranties are dealt with)
  9. All standard product warranties are applicable to best price sales