Exploring History Beneath the Waves: The 5 Best areas on the ex-HMAS Brisbane Wreck

Diving enthusiasts and history buffs alike find themselves drawn to the captivating allure of shipwrecks. The ex-HMAS Brisbane, a decommissioned warship was deliberately sunk off the coast of Mooloolaba in 2015. This artificial reef has become a haven for marine life and an exciting diving destination. Join us as we embark on an underwater journey to explore the 5 best areas on the ex-HMAS Brisbane wreck… or get a “tastes” of the experience by viewing the Underwater Virtual Tour  (WARNING: it will make you yearn to experience the real thing)


The Bow:

As you descend into the depths, the majestic bow of the ex-HMAS Brisbane comes into view. With its forward gun prominent, and covered in vibrant corals and teeming with marine life, this section offers a mesmerising sight for divers. Swim through the intricate maze of decks, exploring the hidden corners and crevices that now serve as shelters for countless species.


The Control Room:

Here, you can still see remnants of the ship’s controls and equipment. This dive provides a fascinating glimpse into the ship’s history and offers a sense of the crew’s daily life aboard the vessel.


The Engine Room:

For those intrigued by the mechanics of ships, the engine room is a must-visit site. Explore the labyrinthine passageways that once powered the vessel, now adorned with coral growth. It’s an eerie yet captivating experience to witness the fusion of machinery and marine life in this underwater environment.


The Missile Silo:

Venture down the former missile silo and enter the stern section of the ship, which has been transformed into a haven for aquatic life. Schools of fish dart through the old laundry, and the play of light creates a breathtaking underwater spectacle. Divers can admire the delicate balance between nature’s reclamation and the vessel’s industrial past.


The Forward Stack:

Rising from the expanse of the main deck, the forward stack stands as a sentinel of the past. Covered in corals and encrusted with marine growth, this vertical structure is a hotspot for marine biodiversity. Look up and witness the dance of fish as they navigate around the mast, or take a vertical descent straight to the Engine Room.


Bonus Dive – Night Dive:

Experience the ex-HMAS Brisbane in a whole new light—literally—with a night dive. Armed with a flashlight, explore the wreck as the underwater world comes alive with nocturnal creatures. Witness the mesmerising bioluminescence and the unique behaviours of marine animals that thrive in the darkness.


The ex-HMAS Brisbane wreck is a captivating underwater playground that combines history, marine life, and diving adventure. Each part of the wreck offers a distinct perspective, inviting divers to explore the intricate details of this sunken warship. From its bow to its stern, from day dives to night dives, the ex-HMAS Brisbane continues to capture the imagination of those who venture into its depths.

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