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Most divers enjoy diving with fellow buddies or a dive group in familiar surroundings. But when in unfamiliar waters, diving with a dive guide is always a good idea. Our dive guide’s role is to assess all site conditions, the groups experience, create a dive plan, and ensure divers are having a safe and enjoyable experience under water.

We know the sites.

Dive guides have a in depth understanding about the site’s topography, marine life, and best route to take based on the conditions. Our dive guides always assess the dive site’s conditions (current, visibility etc.) to make sure its suitable to dive.

A dive site brief is given prior to entering the water. Ensure you pay attention, although often good fun (especially if Chris is giving the brief), the dive brief also relays all the important considerations you’ll need to know to enjoy your time underwater safely.

We will create an appropriate dive plan.

Organizing a dive takes time, skill, and careful planning. Your dive guide will choose dive times based on a range of factors that can include the daily schedule, daylight hours, dive time, and surface intervals.

We set the dive parameters required such as maximum depth, dive time, and return gas pressure. During the briefing we will also cover hand signals, how to make sure you can always see the guide, and other safety information crucial for the dive that is about to be conducted. After the brief is given and plan is created it’s your responsibility to stick to it.

Remember you are still responsible.

The dive guide is responsible for making sure the dive is safe. You are responsible for making sure you are safe on the dive. As a certified diver you should be able to determine what fits your personal capabilities and if you decide if you’re comfortable with the dive conditions and location. Your safety underwater is ultimately your own responsibility, including checking your gauges.

Diving is full of fun! So, enjoy it by planning your dive and diving your plan.

Terry Van Stroe
Scuba World Instructor

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