Exploring History Beneath the Waves: The 5 Best areas on the ex-HMAS Brisbane Wreck

Diving enthusiasts and history buffs alike find themselves drawn to the captivating allure of shipwrecks. The ex-HMAS Brisbane, a decommissioned warship was deliberately sunk off the coast of Mooloolaba in 2015. This artificial reef has become a haven for marine life and an exciting diving destination. Join us as we embark on an underwater journey […]

What to look for in a dive computer


A dive computer is an electronic device that runs an algorithm every 15-30 seconds that calculates your nitrogen/oxygen/helium absorption at a given depth and time. It measures things like depth, dive time, and ascent rate. The algorithm in computers enables you to stay safe underwater and minimises decompression sickness. Scuba diving computers come in both wrist and console models. Console models are larger and attach to your first stage, they always include a submersible pressure gauge (SPG), while wrist models are smaller and are worn on your wrist.

5 Key Features on the Best Dive Computers


Diving with a computer will provide you with the right details to ensure you remain safe and healthy. This post will share what a dive computer is and the best key features that you will require for ultimate safety and the best experience when diving.  What Is A Dive Computer? A dive computer is essentially […]

The Local Mooloolaba Reef’s – A Hidden Gem!

Diving Mooloolaba

If you are a diver looking for the ultimate diving experience in Australia, then you will want to head to Mooloolaba Reef. There is so much to offer and anyone can enjoy it. What is the Mooloolaba Reef? Mooloolaba is a coastal suburb just off of Queensland, Australia. The Sunshine Coasts some of Australia’s best […]

Scuba Diving Computers and Gauges

scuba diving computers

Scuba diving is an amazing and life-changing experience but, as easy as it is to get sucked in (sometimes literally) by the amazing sights and sounds under the sea, it’s important to remember that the ocean’s depths also bring a huge range of hazards your way.  This is why, before you can enjoy what scuba […]

5 Bucket List Dives


Known worldwide for its beautiful coastlines, as well as having a wide range of gorgeous underwater landscapes to explore, Australia has no shortage of bucket-list-worthy dive spots. However, if we have to narrow it down, let’s go with finding the best five. Here, we’re going to look at some of the best spots beyond the […]

What Kind of Gear Do I Need When Beginning Scuba Diving?

learn to dive

Scuba diving is a unique experience that everyone should try at least once in their lives. It’s a chance to explore what lives under the sea, opening you up to a whole new world. There are so many excellent scuba diving locations for you to enjoy, but you need to ensure you’re kitted out with […]

Dive Equipment on Sunshine Coast: Where To Buy Diving Gear

diving gear

Scuba diving is a great activity when you are visiting a beautiful coastal country like Australia. At our dive shop, we have the best dive equipment for any type of excursion. Whether you are going to be shallow scuba diving, coral reef scuba diving or you are going to be exploring a shipwreck, we have […]

Explore the Wonders and Dive EX-HMAS Brisbane

ex HMAS Brisbane

What is your favourite wildlife show on TV? We love them all, the big cats, the polar bears, the forest primates – above all  however, we love marine life. When you see the colourful clownfish, the darting bait fish, and the exotic octopus, we know you’ll fall in love too and once again be drawn […]

Learn to Dive Tips Every New Diver Should Know

learn to dive

Diving can be an exhilarating and mind-expanding way to explore the world just beneath the ocean’s surface. However, whether or not you’ve earned a license to go diving, there are still more lessons to learn. Here are just a few things you want to keep in mind. Listen to your diving instructor above all else […]