Dive Equipment on Sunshine Coast: Where To Buy Diving Gear

Dive Equipment Sunshine Coast

Scuba diving is a great activity when you are visiting a beautiful coastal country like Australia. At our dive shop, we have the best dive equipment for any type of excursion. Whether you are going to be shallow scuba diving, coral reef scuba diving or you are going to be exploring a shipwreck, we have every base covered. These are just some of the equipment that we have to offer.

Testing equipment

Before you go scuba diving you want to make sure that you are able to test that it is working. That is why we suggest you take a look at our regulators and standard BC. We also have wing and back plates for BCs as these will allow you to test your tanks and oxygen equipment on your torso are working fine. We also have a scuba diving computer you can attach to your body to test your kit in real-time; crucial for long dives.


Your oxygen tanks are extremely important but so are the smaller things that make them usable underwater and in low light. Use our hydrotest and freight equipment to test your tanks. You can see if they are the right pressure and if they are under too much pressure when they are being transported. And of course, a valve service is also required just to regulate your oxygen supply and always have the ability to let out excess pressure if it builds up.


Speaks of regulators, you may want to also look at scuba pro, which has twin dials. They are quite large and have different colours which makes it easier to grip and notice when you are diving in murky waters such as silt deposits in caves or the seafloor. The Apeks and Aqualung regulators are also present in our stock, so for those who want something simple and easy to use, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The Atomic and Poseidon regulators are a little more complex and made for experienced divers, and we have these in stock too.


You want to have a BC which is easy to use and gives you the confidence to go deeper in your dive. Australia has some of the best clear blue waters and the sea life in the corals is second to none. We see the i3 inflator Aqualung which keeps its shape and is fully structured, so if you need to use it in an emergency, it will inflate rapidly. If you are in a tight spot this is the type of failsafe you need to get you back up to the surface. We also sell power lines such as the standard Aqualung and lots of other brands. If you would like another inflator, we have the Airsource variant as well. 


We have the Aqualung drysuit in our stock as it’s one of the most popular on the market. It’s very easy to fit into and gives you the waterproof protection you need. The stretchy but strong material, allows for a full range of movement, hugs your body tightly and keeps you warm.


Perhaps one of the most important things of all, when you are going on a scuba diving adventure, is your mask. You need to be fully confident in the mask you are wearing, which is why we offer to fit custom bi-focal lenses. This will require you to be sent to Sydney to be fitted for a pair. However, the postage and the handling of your mask will be done by us. The fit is going to be snug as it will create a waterproof seal around your facial structure. This is something that you may also want to claim on your healthcare.

The timing

So how long will it take to get all these things? This is a tricky question to answer because each type of equipment is different to the next. For the regulators it might take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. The same goes for BCs. However, for computers that need to be sent away in order to fit your needs, they will take 2 weeks. The computer which you are happy to use as is but with a few different settings, we can fix that up on site and let it go after 1 day. Tanks will take anywhere from 7-10 days. 

If you have any further questions about our equipment and the customising services we offer, please feel free to contact us today via email info@scubaworld.com.au or on (07) 5444 8595.

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