5 Key Features on the Best Dive Computers

Best Dive Computers

Diving with a computer will provide you with the right details to ensure you remain safe and healthy. This post will share what a dive computer is and the best key features that you will require for ultimate safety and the best experience when diving. 

What Is A Dive Computer?

A dive computer is essentially a decompression meter that indicates how deep you are and your elapsed time, which will help calculate your decompression algorithm to keep you safe and awake when diving. A lack of air or diving too deep can cause sickness, which is not safe when you dive in deep and open water. 

It will provide you with the right information so that you can experience a great dive with minimal issues.

What Is The Best Dive Computer?

The best dive computer can depend on what you are looking for. It could vary depending on budget, diving experience, and where you want to dive.

However, a popular and recommendable dive computer is the Shearwater Teric. This is an everyday diving watch that looks just like a normal watch and is completely customisable. Yet, it offers multiple diving functions as well as changeable faces, various diving modes, and timers. 

The Shearwater Teric dive computer can offer any level of diver endless capabilities. Although the colour scheme doesn’t matter too much when you are diving, you can find colours to match your outfits. 

For the technical side of the Shearwater Teric, it can offer multiple diving modes so you can go scuba-diving and freediving, as well as use it for technical or recreational diving. 

The dive computer is programmed with a compass so that you can correctly direct and adjust yourself when in the water. You can also set timers and alarms, which is useful should you have a set amount of time to dive. Or, an alarm noise is useful when you are driving with minimal vision or no mask. 

The Shearwater Teric is a great computer for all levels of divers. It is reliable and functional for all types of dives.

Who Is The ShearWaterTeric For?

Shearwater Teric is used by expert divers who experiment with everything from technical and recreational diving to freediving. It is a great device for anyone to use and it is highly recommendable should you want to have the best diving experience. 


The 5 Best Features

There are some standout features of the Shearwater Teric that need to be mentioned. Of which, you should look for in any dive computer you wish to purchase and use for your dives.

Wireless air transmitters

All divers can enjoy its wireless air transmitters, which means you will not require a hose to know your gas pressure. This is suitable for open-circuit and closed-circuit air, nitrox, and trimix gas functionality

Freediving mode

If you are experienced in freediving then you can use the dive computer for freediving purposes too. Simply switch the mode and the computer will offer you configurable sampling and ascent/descent details that are the most suitable for freediving. 


A key feature of the Shearwater Teric dive computer, which you should look for in any of the best dive computers, is alarm capabilities. These do not only enhance your experience, but they can also keep you safe. You can use timers to test yourself or alarms to signal when it is time to move on or go up to the surface of the water. Should you use the computer for freediving, alarms are useful when you dive deep, dive without a mask, or lose vision. 

Adjustable screen brightness

The Shearwater Teric’s vibrant and high-resolution display offers adjustable brightness, which is ideal as water visibility and light can change during a dive. You won’t want a dark computer face as you might not be able to see how deep you are or how much gas you have left.

Capable of calculating remaining gas time 

Speaking of how much gas you have left, this is another key feature of the dive computer. When a computer is capable of calculating your remaining gas line, you can ensure that you will be safe and not run out of air when you are diving.

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