Training: Why you Should Learn to Dive

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…because it’s the best thing in the world. Don’t believe us, read on.

Breathing underwater!

Humans are not made to stay underwater.  We don’t have gills right?! But a total diving system allows you to do exactly that, stay underwater for an extended period of time and breathe whilst taking it all in. Isn’t that the coolest thing?

The feeling of weightlessness 

Where else can you get that feeling? Divers get to experience this all the time, without the expense of a trip to outer space! It happens on every single dive. It might not feel like that on your few first dives, but that’s where continued education and high-quality training come in. In order to be 100% relaxed and comfortable underwater, the keyword is neutral buoyancy.  If you are struggling with buoyancy control, you are more than likely over-weighted. Completing a “Perfect Buoyancy” course will transform your diving. When you start nailing your buoyancy control you truly feel complete freedom of movement and will be able to rise and fall in the water just by controlling your breathing. Wow! Try doing that on land. Oh, and if you really want to know what it feels like to be in outer space, jump on our next night diving specialty!

Meeting marine life, you didn’t even know existed

Before a dive, our qualified and experienced guides will give you a full brief on the dive site and what you might see. However, you never know for sure what you find until you are under the water, resulting in an element of excitement on every dive. There is a huge variety of marine life underwater, did you know there are over 400 species of fish at Flinders AND the ex-HMAS Brisbane!

This is the BIG one….Switch off

Imagine the sound of your own bubbles…..and that’s it. The underwater world is quiet and peaceful. Divers communicate by using hand signals. The silence, together with the feeling of weightlessness, makes it extremely easy to zone out and forget about the real world. It’s like meditation!  Concisely articulated in our Scuba World motto, “escape everyday land”.

Meeting other divers

Divers are very friendly people. There is always a topic to talk about, like places you have dived, your diving bucket list, animals you have encountered underwater, and so on. Here at Scuba World we have a fantastic and supportive Platinum Dive Club with divers who are down-to-earth, welcoming and love to share their knowledge, experiences and tips with you.

You become an ambassador for marine environment

As you spend more time underwater, your respect for the beauty of the underworld grows and you find yourself naturally contemplating ways in which you can make a positive impact. It’s fascinating to observe for yourself that just like us, each marine creature has their home. The more people discover animals in their natural habitat and share their stories, the more people will be inspired to protect the environment.  This is crucial both for the creatures that reside in our oceans, for the world ecosystem at large, and for the enjoyment of future generations.

It’s not that hard

A learn to dive open water course with Scuba World promises to be a fun-filled four days. Being internationally accredited by SSI, we adopt their methodology of “comfort through repetition”.  Our focus is on taking the time to slowly build up your skills, enabling you to be a safe, comfortable and confident diver.  This means you are more relaxed, which means more time underwater which equals more VALUE FOR MONEY.

After completing the online training component, day one of your course starts in the classroom where we ‘get to know’ one another and go over the main points from your online training. From there you will be ready get in the pool for a couple days and nail some essential skills.  Last but not least, you’ll gear up and head to the open ocean, with four dives across two days spent exploring the Mooloolaba Coral Reefs (only a short 25min boat ride).

NOW as a newly certified diver, you will have a licence to dive to 18 meters anywhere in the world!

From here, we will encourage you to continue your education and offer you entry into our Platinum Club. After the open water course there is still so much to learn, opening new realms of diving. Oh, and you definitely want to keep improving your buoyancy and that feeling of weightlessness 😉.  Ah the serenity!

Check out our upcoming Open Water Courses

We hope to see you underwater soon.

Leila Barnsley  ~ Scuba World Instructor

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