Nudibranchs: Shell-less marine snails

scuba diving mooloolaba

Gary Cobb is a local diver born in Florida who for the past dozen years or more has become an expert in the identification of nudibranchs. Nudibranchs are shell-less marine snails who unfortunately bear the ugly name of sea slugs. They are arguably the most beautiful and stunning creatures a diver could ever see underwater.

Gary has spent years diving on the shallow reefs and searching the intertidal areas of the Sunshine Coast in search of these creatures. Many of his discoveries have been in the sometimes murky waters of Mooloolah River.

One of the nudibranchs he found grows no more than one millimetre in length. Gary is an accomplished underwater photographer and he has amassed thousands of strikingly beautiful images of these very slow moving creatures. Gary loves to share his passion with other like minded divers. For more info visit

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