What’s the difference between clear & black mask silicon?

Ready to buy a new mask? Which colour type of mask skirt is best for you?

The black silicone skirt is a favourite among photographers, technical divers and freedivers because it blocks out unwanted light that causes reflections on the inside of the lens. This allows you to focus on a clear maskparticular marine animal or task. Black silicone also shades your eyes and reduces glare, which can be helpful in tropical locations around the world where the sun can often be so bright and the water so clear that sunlight bouncing off a shallow sand bottom can cause the warm water equivalent of snow blindness. A clear silicone skirt, on the other hand, produces a very open airy feel and, if the skirt is transparent, actually extends field of view. In more temperate waters where too much light is not the problem, clear silicone allows more light into the mask. Divers who are prone to claustrophobia tend to feel less boxed in wearing a clear silicone mask.

Years ago the clear silicon was very common for a new diver to purchase now it seems that it’s opposite. At Scuba World we sell more black silicon masks to new divers than clear.

Each style has its benefits, and most masks are available in both.

Your local dive shop will provide you with the relevant information and professional fit to make sure you get the perfect mask for your type of scuba diving.

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