When local divers think of exotic dive travel they think of destinations in the Pacific such as Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Papua New Guinea. Others like Bali, Palau, Malaysia also come to mind. Turkey would probably not rate a mention but that may soon change.

Local dive instructor and dive travel expert Mike McKinnon departs this week for an exhilarating experience to Turkey. He will join a small group of dive business owners and managers from across Australia with the aim of checking out the dive sites close to Gallipoli. More than two hundred boats and ships which were casualties of the Gallipoli campaign more than one hundred years ago lie on the bottom. The temperature of the water and the underwater visibility is not like that experienced in the South Pacific. Drysuits will be worn to overcome the colder water and the underwater visibility will average around ten metres.

What will be exciting will be the experience of diving on wrecks with such historical interest especially for Australians. The trip will not be limited to just diving. A tour of Gallipoli is planned which includes ANZAC Cove as well as the Lone Pine Cemetery (Australian Memorial). A tour of the amazing Kaymakli Underground City which was carved more than three thousand years ago is included along with the world famous hot air balloon tour over Cappadocia.

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