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We all know that you have invested significant amount of money in your scuba gear. So, it goes without saying you want to take care of that gear, right? Proper maintenance will not only greatly prolong the life of your gear, but it’s also one of the best ways to ensure you’re safe while diving.

Visually inspect

Pay attention to all items of equipment as you are setting up, diving, packing up and washing up. You may pick up something before it becomes a bigger problem. If you find something you are not sure about just ask us and we will help you out.

Check behind the rubber ends on the regulator hoses!

When you are rinsing your regulator in fresh water, every now and then be sure to pull back the rubber ends on the hose to make sure there is no salt building up behind them. You should also ensure the rubber hose protectors are pushed as close to the first stage as possible, this will prolong the life of the hoses.

Wash the inflator valve!

We have a special hose connection on our bathtub tap that allows you to connect your BC directly (its exactly the same as connecting your inflator hose on your regulator to your BC). You MUST ensure the water tap is turned ON and you press the INFLATE button on your BC (i3 lever in up position or grey button on standard BC) this will minimise unwanted salt build up. Do this for a 10 – 20 sec period – this will fill the BC up with water too, so remember to drain out all the fresh water before storing it.

Get your gear serviced every year!

We all know the importance of getting our gear serviced annually and as club members you receive this for FREE!

Chris Maxwell

Scuba World Instructor

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