Tips for taking underwater photos and videos

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We are grateful for having such amazing divers at Scuba World that also love photography.

There is a right way and a wrong way to take a photo/video. Here are a few basic tips.

Ensure you are a comfortable, confident diver

There is no point in trying to take photos underwater if you have less than 20 dives logged, and you are completing less than 10 dives a year. Consistency is key. Completing a perfect buoyancy course before attempting to take photos underwater is also a must. You will enjoy your diving so much more if you simply dive rather than take photos. Remember most professional underwater photographers have 2000+ logged dives.

Do your research on camera vs video

Still photos and videos are very different. Both require different equipment, and different editing software. You need to decide whether you would like to take videos OR images. If you decide to do both, then you’ll get some OK videos and some OK photos, but you’ll find it hard to excel in one category.

When taking photos: Stop, Think and Act!

Take your time, you are better off taking 30 photos per dive and getting 5 good ones, than taking 150 and getting 3 good ones. Try and imagine what the photo/video will look like before you take a photo. Take the time to set up your shot, look around at your surroundings. Remember not to damage any marine life in the process.

We hope to see you underwater soon.

Check out the SSI photo and video course we will be running. Commencing Feb 2022…more info to come

Mike McKinnon

Scuba World Instructor


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