Stay Warm this Winter

scuba diving mooloolaba

With the sudden drop in air temperature this week caused by westerly winds many divers are thinking about how they can stay warm and comfortable this winter. For those who have already invested in a drysuit they know they will be warm and dry.

For those who haven’t yet invested in a drysuit now is the best time to do so. Purchasing a drysuit now means

a diver will have full use of it for the whole of winter. While the water temperature lags behind the land temperature by a couple of months it still means divers wearing a drysuit will be the warmest divers on the boat.

The main difference between a drysuit and a wetsuit is that a drysuit is designed to prevent water entering. The divers body except for the face, stays completely dry while in the water. The temperature of the water will determine how much thermal clothing will need to be worn beneath the suit. Diving under ice will require a lot warmer clothing than diving locally. While drysuits can be expensive they will last many years if maintained properly.

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