First Few Minutes of Your Dive

Settling in for your dive is an important step in ensuring you are going to enjoy the dive. A lot of diver’s rush at the start of their dives for many different reasons, but what this does is impact your experience once under water.

Have you ever felt rushed getting ready for a dive? If so, you might have noticed your breathing rate skyrockets and your air consumption increases significantly. Your awareness of your surroundings, gear, and yourself goes out the door, and you become a disorganised, stressed diver. There are so many things running through your head at once because you did not settle into the dive.

We all know how important it is to breathe. Having a calm breathing pattern prior to your dive will allow you to be more relaxed under water and improve your air consumption.

Take your time!
Do not rush. Once you start to rush you start to miss those small things. Soon enough one small thing will lead to another and you will lose control of the situation and this leads to panic.

Prioritise yourself!
A lot of divers get excited when arriving at the dive site. If there are divers that are overly keen to get in the water before everyone else, let them. Prioritising yourself allows you to make sure you are ready for the dive.

Catch your breath before going under!
It says it all, this is the last chance to settle yourself. If you have exerted yourself swimming to the front of the boat, catch your breath first before you go down the line. If it is choppy, you are better off descending the line and catching your breath at 3-5m.

Check before letting go!
Now that you’re under and everything is calm and groovy, double check that everything is tucked away and you’re ready to go BEFORE letting go of the line.

Chat about your concerns!
At any point anyone can say NO. If you are not comfortable before, during, or after the dive just chat to your buddy, dive guide, or even friendly skipper.

I hope this has helped some of you or maybe you have learnt something new. We are all happy to help you with any tips and tricks. Just ask if you have any questions.

Happy diving,

Terry Van Stroe

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