Introducing the i770R Dive Computer

Aqualung has brought out a new high-end dive computer, and Mike McKinnon is here to give you his feedback. Keep reading to get his review!

“I was lucky enough to be allowed to test out Aqualungs brand new i770R computer. I opened the box and the computer pouch is very classy and professional. When I unzipped the pouch and looked at the i770R, my first impression was WOW! Aqualung have really put a lot of time and effort into their first 100% designed and manufactured Aqualung computer. I couldn’t wait to take it for a dive. I fired it up and the TFT colour screen was very bright with large numbers. I went through the menu and the three large buttons made it very easy to navigate. The 3-axis full-tilt compass is also very smooth and accurate. I entered the paired for life transmitter serial number into the unit and turned the scuba cylinder on and the pressure popped up clear as day.

My first dive with the i770R was on the ex-HMAS Brisbane wreck. You have the option of two straps. The standard that comes attached to the computer or an included bungee strap. I swapped out the standard strap and attached the bungee cord, it was a simple 5-minute process with an allen key. The bungee is great as you can wear the computer over your wetsuit or drysuit without it becoming loose once the wetsuit compresses during your descent. I entered the water and descended the line, the screen is very bright, and the numbers are quite large, which makes it easy to read. Depth, dive time, No Deco time, Breathing GAS, PO2, are all present on the main screen. One press of the advance button and you get a lot more info including water temp, time of day, date, and max depth, to name a few. The computer has gas switching capabilities (4 gases) for Nitrox up to 100%. It does not support Helium; however technical diving is a very niche market.

The ascent bar on the left side is very clear and easy to read. I held down the select button, which entered compass mode, it was very accurate and includes a bottom timer. This is useful if you wish to swim a certain time out and back from the anchor. The safety stop mode counts down in minutes and seconds, which is a great feature for a high-end computer.

I completed 55 dives over a 3-month period and it did not miss a beat. The battery warning indicator came on when it reached 10%, and I got a further 6 x 40min dives. When you are back on the boat after your dive, most dive operators ask what your depth and time is. One quick push of the advance button and two values appear; the maximum depth and the dive time. I really like that feature, so many computers make it difficult to find your depth and time after a dive. When charging the unit using the included USB charger, the total charge time from 0% to 100% is 2h15mins.

The unit also has Bluetooth capabilities. I downloaded the DiverLog+ app and the syncing function was hassle-free. I downloaded all my dives and the app is clean and very user friendly.

At a price tag of $1200 (plus $300 for an optional transmitter), this is a very reliable, easy to use, high-end computer. Being rechargeable, you’ll never have to pay for a battery change ever again, which means you don’t have to worry about taking your computer into a dive shop. Most computers need a new battery every 12 months and can be between $40 and $135 for a battery change and pressure test. After 5 years you would have saved around $250 on battery changes. Coupled with Aqualung 5 year warranty on the computer, it seems like a very easy decision to me.”

Mike McKinnon

SSI Instructor Certifier

1100 dives, diving since 1998

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