GENERAL DIVING: Gas & NDL Management

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Proper management of your gases and NDL’s during a dive is very important. Here are a few tips to make sure you are checking this information enough during your dives.


Before you get in the water or even better before you are on the boat check you Gas in your cylinder. You want to make sure that there is enough, and it is the right mix for your dive. Now also make sure your computer is on the correct settings for your gas mix.

Check Again …

You have reached the dive site, before you get started on your dive just glance down and check your computer, gas, and gauges.

Check every 10 mins!

It is important to check at least every 10 mins during your dive to make sure you’re not approaching your NDLs and/or reserve gas levels. Keep in mind you should be mindful of your buddies’ profile as well. #BuddyTeam

Be Aware

Understanding your dive site, dive profile, and you and your buddies’ type of diving is important. Your situational awareness will help/improve your dive profile. Don’t get caught out in not being prepared.

Change your profile accordingly
If necessary, you might have to change your plan accordingly to manage proper gas and NDL’s, this is okay and keeps you safe!


When you dive deeper, your NDL’s will decrease quicker, so keep an eye on your dive computer. If you are interested in Decompression Diving, SSI has just launched a new 2 day decompression diving speciality. Keep an eye out for upcoming course dates and prices.

Happy Diving,

Chris Maxwell

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