GENERAL DIVING: Appropriate thermal protection

Appropriate Thermal Protection

Being cold on your dive is not much fun, and also increases the risk of decompression sickness. So stay warm and enjoy your dives.

Wetsuit thickness

Having a wetsuit that is suitable to the climate is key. Deciding on your wetsuit thickness should be based on a few variables 1) the water temperature and 2) how much you feel the cold. At this time of the year, I wear a 7/8mm Apeks semi dry and many layers to keep toasty.

Thermal accessories

Sometimes just a wetsuit isn’t enough so you may want to think about some extra layers. Divers lose most of their heat through their head when diving! So, if you find yourself still a bit chilly try a hood or sharkskin undergarment – studies have shown that 7-10% of heat is lost through your head – wouldn’t it make sense to wear a hood?

Adjust your weights

Remember if you change your wetsuit, you will have to adjust your weights. Most people will add 6 pounds when changing from a 5mm to a 7mm suit.

Keep this in mind – you’d rather be slightly over weighted than under weighted.

Still cold?

Still cold and you don’t want to miss out on epic winter diving!? Then drysuit diving is for you! Go see the team up in the shop to help you out.

Happy diving,

Scott Thorburn
300+ dives

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