Fiji 2018 Trip Report

A very excited group of Scuba World divers met at Brisbane International airport on 21 July, on route to Fiji, for what was going to be the first time a lot of them had dived with sharks!   

We arrived at the resort at 7pm in the pouring rain. We checked in and met at the restaurant for dinner and a few drinks. It rained most of the night and in the morning… Gotta love the tropics!

After breakfast we made our way to AquaTrek for our first dives of the trip. The coral reefs were beautiful; healthy colourful corals with hundreds of different species of fish. We also saw a few bull sharks, reef sharks, and nurse sharks. The sun came out, the visibility was 30m+ and the water temp was a warm 26C with relatively flat seas. 

We all enjoyed a relaxing afternoon around the resort, followed by an afternoon nap, drinks at the bar, and dinner in the evening.

On day two of the trip we had our first unbelievable shark dive experience with AquaTrek!

The whole group was absolutely pumped after they surfaced. There were so many sharks! 20 bull sharks, between 1.5-2.5m, 4 silver tips between 1.5-2m, 10-15 lemon sharks 2.5m, 30 tawny nurse sharks 2.5-3m, 5 black tips, 5 white tips, and a big grouper.

On day three and four of the trip, guess who joined us for a few dives? Our two friendliest club members from Taiwan, Pyng and Hyden! They dived with us on the reefs and also with the sharks! It was great to catch up with them, and chat about their scuba instructing experiences in Fiji.

Unfortunately, the Tiger never showed up on our last diving day, however that didn’t matter, the whole group had an absolute ball none the less. Heaps of bulls, lemon, tawny, and black and white tip sharkies. The dive is a MUST do for any certified diver.

We all chilled out by the pool after the last day of diving, and enjoyed a few cocktails as the sun went down. There was a dancing and fire twirling show at the resort that night, which was very entertaining. Mike and Erin won the dancing competition. It was quite embarrassing, but a lot of fun!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark, Erin, Shara, Brianna, Sam, Adam, Ludwig, Mary-Anne, Wayne and Bek for a fantastic week in Fiji. It was also a pleasure to have Megan (Sam’s mum) and Olivia (Sam and Adam’s daughter) on the trip as well. You all made my job very stress free. There was plenty of banta, jokes and laughter over the week, which is always a good indication that everyone was having fun! It was great to spend time with each of you and get to know you all on a more personal level.

I will be showcasing my video at the social on 31st August! Be the first to see the shark action!!


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