Far North Queensland Trip

Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef is in the news again. Reports of extensive damage to reefs from Port Douglas to the Torres Strait are a bit disconcerting. Most experts agree the bleaching is caused by a rise in water temperature. What is encouraging is the experts also agree that over time the corals will recover provided there is a drop in water temperature.

Cyclones cause far more damage to coral reefs than divers ever will but still divers are  aware not to damage the underwater environment. Accidents do happen and branches of fragile corals are sometimes broken by an unwary or inexperienced diver. Divers always like to explore healthy reefs whenever they dive.

Next year a group of local divers is heading north to dive the Far Northern Great Barrier Reef from Cairns to the Torres Strait. They will be diving reefs so remote only a handful of divers each year get the chance to experience them. The area is known for big fish action including sharks.

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