Essential Scuba Diving Equipment: Make Sure You Have Everything You Need for Your Next Dive

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There’s a world beneath the waves that needs exploring. That’s why we choose to scuba dive and make an unnatural environment our home sweet home. It takes a special kind of person to go underwater and see what’s going on down there. You need to be physically fit, brave and hold a steady nerve. You’re among the fish, crabs, crustaceans and the gorgeous sea plants. The only thing you want to concern yourself with is having an adventure you’ll never forget. You need equipment that won’t fail you, but will fill you with confidence. For your next dive, consider some of these amazing options.

A wetsuit

We offer equipment from some of the best brands in class. Aqua Lung is well-known for its great wetsuits. Their dive range is made of high-quality non-petroleum based neoprene which is fantastic for those of you that are conscious of the environment. We understand that this is very important in the modern era of scuba diving so we offer this kind of PAH free-formula wetsuit. The wetsuit also allows for shrinkage, which means it will fit you better and hug your body tighter without restricting movement. It also has printed designs on the shoulder and on the sides of the body, which will limit abrasion from your buoyancy compensator. Unlike the older generation of wetsuit, the Aqua Lung dive range comes with pre-bent arms and legs so it fits the natural shape of the human anatomy.

The mask

In the long list of scuba equipment you will need, the mask is perhaps the most important in terms of comfort. Your face is already going to be dry from the prolonged exposure to water, so you need a mask that is comfortable all the time. We offer masks from one of the best brands in this field, Apeks. The VX1 is highly-recommended by seasoned divers. Lightweight and frameless and with a Pure Clear lens, we believe this is something you should consider for your next diving excursion. It has quick-release buckles which are essential when you’ve just surfaced and you’re feeling fatigued. It also has matte and gloss silicone skirting which creates a comfortable but ultimately fully sealed fit around the face.

On your wrist

The last thing you want to do when you’re underwater is, perform some on-the-spot calculations in your head. That’s why a wrist computer is an essential part of your scuba equipment list. We offer one of the most well-known brands in this department; Suunto. They make the Suunto Zoop Novo, which is incredibly easy to use and is nitrox-capable for recreational diving. It has a built-in dive planner so you can know and follow your objectives in a properly timed manner. It has five modes: nitrox, gauge, free, air and off. It has a full continuous decompression algorithm so you can safely execute your trip to the surface. Detailed graphical logs and dive data sent to your PC or MAC using the Suunto DM5 software.

The all-important bit

The absolutely critical component to any dive is the oxygen tanks. We offer another brand that is highly esteemed in this scuba equipment category, Luxfer. The tanks are made from a superior alloy. Lightweight yet structurally strong, Luxfer is the leader in aluminum scuba cylinders. In fact, they developed the world’s very first aluminium dive tank over 50 years ago. You can bet your bottom dollar that they have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field. They use thick damage-resistant walls which is crucial as even the most experienced scuba divers can make mistakes such as adjusting entry holes. Their tank has also been burst tested to a minimum of 2.5 times service pressure and still remained intact without failure. Unlike steel tanks, their tanks offer corrosion-resistant interiors and exteriors, for longer life expectancy and ruggedness.

See where you’re going

You may be planning a deep dive or perhaps diving at night. For this, we offer underwater torches from Light & Motion. Those of you with experience will know how simple to use and effective the Sola Dive series is. We offer this series because we know it to be industry-leading. The Sola Dive Pro 2000 weighs just 333 grams and has an IP rating of 68. It can run on a high setting for 45 minutes straight yet only needs 105 minutes to charge back to full. It has 2000 lumens of output so you will have no problem seeing where you’re going at night.

Whatever it is you need for your next scuba diving adventure, we offer equipment from brands that are the best in class. Rely on us for your scuba equipment because we’ve got every base covered.


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