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If you’re a scuba diving enthusiast, you know the importance of having the best equipment for the activity. When going to a new destination, it’s normal to worry if you’ll find a dive shop with all you need. This is a valid concern, as it’s not advisable to take the plunge with just anyone you come across.

Widely-travelled scuba divers know that most scuba diving destinations are full of dive centres offering day courses. It can be hard to decide, but the following factors can guide you.

Overall Ambience of the Dive Centre

If you’re within the locality where you want to scuba dive, check the scuba dive shop’s general outlook. It has a lot to tell you about what you can expect to get. Pay attention to details like the reception area; if it’s not well-kept, what else is neglected?

More importantly, check the equipment to see if it’s well maintained and regularly serviced. The certificates should also be up to date, and the centre compliant with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Don’t risk your life by using unsafe equipment.

Ask Questions

You must understand how the centre operates before you commit. Questions to ask include:

  • How many divers they assign to each guide (should not be more than four)
  • Do they have a cancellation or refund policy?
  • Do they provide shower facilities after the dive?
  • Do they provide safe storage for your valuables while you scuba dive?
  • How much experience do the guides have?

If they don’t answer your questions to a level that satisfies your curiosity, always consider moving to the next shop. Take note of how the staff interacts with you and their level of enthusiasm. Are they helpful and delighted to have a conversation with you? While at the shop, take the chance to talk to their customers and hear about their experiences.

The Products and Services They Provide

A scuba dive shop is a complex place with a variety of offerings to the customer. Simply put, the shops sell the 3 Es of the dive industry.

  • Experience or Trips: the dive centre should provide dive travels or outings related to scuba diving
  • Equipment or Dive Gear: the shop must provide well-maintained equipment for the scuba diving activities
  • Education or training: they must be willing to guide their customers in all matters relating to scuba diving

The catching point for a good scuba shop is the training it provides. The quality determines whether customers will spend more buying the diving gear or even taking a diving trip.

Qualities of the Diving Instructors

When you’re looking for a scuba diving instructor, there are several considerations to make. You want to go to a scuba shop with experienced instructors. However, more than the experience, you want to be sure that you can trust them as they instruct you.

A good scuba diving instructor should yield twice the result with half the effort. As such, here are some qualities they must have:

High Tolerance

Scuba diving beginners are prone to making mistakes. If the instructor is intolerant of these mistakes, the student will have a hard time catching up with the diving practice. A good teacher displays a high level of understanding of the learner’s fears. They strive to calm the fears and build confidence in the student.

Good Communication

Poor communication in the delivery of instructions can lead to costly mistakes. A good instructor listens to and answers every question with patience. They also need to convey all major and minor issues with professionalism. Only when you receive clear instructions can you make fewer mistakes and become better at scuba diving.

A High Level of Keenness

A good scuba dive instructor knows that they’re responsible for another person’s life. As such, they take all the necessary precautions and understand the limits of their trainees. They don’t push them or ask them to do anything that would risk their lives.

Experienced instructors know that issuing instructions to learners can be nerve-wracking and sometimes scary. However, they do all it takes to keep watch over their learners while opening doors for a new experience level. They help learners achieve their deep-sea exploration goals with the lowest risk level possible.

Looking for a Scuba Diving Shop?

If you’re soon visiting the Sunshine Coast for scuba diving, you’re probably looking for the best scuba dive shop. You now know what you should check before settling for any scuba shop. At Scuba World, you’ll get all this and more for a memorable scuba diving experience.


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