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We are so grateful for having such amazing and respectful divers that are also photographers here at Scuba World

We like to say that a picture isn’t worth anything if the reef gets damaged in the process of taking it. Here are few tips and tricks to prevent corals and marine life from getting damaged when taking underwater photos.

Stop, Think and Act!

Look around you, analyse the situation and notice what surrounds the subject in order to adjust your position before taking a picture.

Get slightly positively buoyant!

As you adjust your BC, you’ll need to keep your fins up to be able to remain close to the beautiful frogfish you just spotted. Breath out and kick gently down, soon you’ll reach the ideal angle to get that perfect shot. You should never have to hold onto something to get that shot.

Personal Bubble!

Imagine someone trying to take a photo of you right up in your ‘personal bubble’. You wouldn’t like it, neither do the marine life. Observe their behaviors, if they are getting aggravated leave them alone.

Abort mission if you aren’t sure you’ll make the photo without harming the reef. You will certainly have a better opportunity later during your dive.

We hope to see you underwater soon.

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Leila Barnsley

Scuba World Instructor

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