Why Learn to Dive?

why learn to dive
scuba diving course

Diving is a unique experience that allows you to explore places that only a handful of human beings have laid eyes on, and with 72% of the world being underwater, your Open Water Certificate is your license to explore it.

Scuba Diving is for fun loving individuals that crave adventure and social sporting activities. Meet new friends and enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue!

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In your new serene weightless environment you will be enthralled by undersea caverns, swim with schools of seemingly beautiful fish, marvel at the beauty of turtles, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the ocean.  Come and join the many people who have made diving their life time passion.

During the course you will explore some of the best diving sights that South East Queensland has to offer.  In summer you’ll have the opportunity to hopefully see beautiful coral reefs, turtles and the masses of tropical fish while enjoying 26°C plus water temperatures. From May to October you will have the opportunity to witness the spectacle of the migrating humpback whales. This is a must!

You will learn to dive at our training dive sites around the Gneering Shoals.

The Gneering Shoals offer great dive sites ranging in depth from 5 metres – 30 metres. These sites are located only 15-20 minutes from our dive shop.