Social – November 2023

When: Sat 25th November

Where: Scuba World 207 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Topic: The Great Hammerhead Shark Migration

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Join us at this months club social to learn about the incredible migration of the Hammerhead Shark along the East Coast of Australia. This talk will shed some light on the misunderstood creatures of the ocean, and help conserve our critical keystone species, the Hammerhead shark.
Bella, a recently graduated Animal Ecologist with a deep passion for shark conservation, will guide you through the remarkable life history of Hammerhead sharks, their migratory routes along our coast line and further educate divers on how to safely and sustainably enjoy these incredible encounters with the creatures of the deep.
Whether you are unsure about Hammerhead shark behaviour, want to learn more on ethical Shark diving practise or simply and utterly obsessed with these species, come and uncover some of the secrets to maintaining a healthy ocean and relationship between sharks.
  1. Rob Thomas
  2. Bec Bryett
  3. Andy Burness
  4. Lindy Baker
  5. Simon Vellnagel-Dunn
  6. Michael Cooper
  7. Tim Roberts
  8. Penny Rex
  9. Sandy Hawke
  10. Adam D’Arney
  11. Karen Shaw
  12. Troy Smith
  13. Rafe MacLennan
  14. Michelle Herrell
  15. Andrew Herrell
  16. Pet Cloeraine
  17. Marty Cloeraine
  18. Mike Cooper
  19. Deb Wockner
  20. Don Hepburn
Open Water Grad students:
  1. Robyn Robertson
  2. Sophia Wei
  3. Sandra Hutter
  4. Nick Havilah
Jacob Alexander
Mike McKinnon
Bella Graham
Kevin Lowdnes
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