International Travel Night

When: Thursday 28th March

Where: 207 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba

Time: 5:30pm - 7:45pm


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March – International Travel Night (launching 2025 trips)
It’s our favourite time of the year…!!
Join us for an evening dedicated to unveiling the newest and most-exclusive INTERNATIONAL TRIPS on offer for 2025. Pizza will be provided and drinks are FREE (honest system – 3 free drinks per person)
If you have attended our previous travel nights, you will know that some of these trips have been known to BOOK OUT on the night. Make sure to be here to put your deposit down!
HOW TO BOOK: Let a Scuba World team member know – SMS your name & travel night to 0417969874
If you would like to book a trip for next year, an SMS will be sent to ALL MEMBERS around 7pm on Thursday 28th March, and you can book using your smartphone. First in, first to dive.
There is also a one off 5% discount for members who book a trip before 10pm on Thursday 28th March.
We are looking forward to catching up with you
  1. Brad Spear
  2. Ian Chung
  3. Fern Chung
  4. Mandy Long
  5. Angel Sargeant
  6. Kane Robertson
  7. Marianne Knox
  8. Jessica Elmes
  9. Tom Watts
  10. Bill Fox
  11. Bec Bryett
  12. Mat Robertson
  13. Morgan Brady
  14. Gavin Maddigan
  15. Annette McCarthy
  16. Kieran McCarthy
  17. Dani Joseph
  18. Don Hepburn
  19. Mike Cooper
  20. David Walker
  21. Kylie Walker
  22. Paul Pacaud
  23. Phil Ezzy
  24. Deb Wockner
  25. John Mendoza
  26. Andy Burness
  27. Cush Burness
  28. Dale Emery
  29. Mark Coghlan
  30. Deb Pfeiffer
  31. Andrew Herrell
  32. Michelle Herrell
  33. Sarah Stewart
  34. Simon Lee
  35. Brian Dale
  36. Alison Dale
  37. Gary Craig
  38. Michelle Craig
  39. Jack Swanepoel
  40. Audrey Swanepoel
Open Water Grad students:
  1. Jody Spear
  • Mike McKinnon
  • Shara Smith
  • Gwen Sands
  • Jasmin Gawlista
  • Chris Maxwell
  • Tim Denyer
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