Club Social – January 2024

When: Thu 25 Jan

Where: Scuba World

Time: Meeting at 5:30 pm. Finish approx 8pm.

Topic: Commercial Diving

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What better way to kick off our first club social than with an incredible guest speaker, Mark Veal.
Mark, an ADAS qualified Part 4 Saturation Diver and Part 3 Supervisor, is bringing 20 years of commercial diving experience to the table. Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a saturation diver? Mark’s got the lowdown, ready to dispel or confirm any myths you might have heard.
But wait, there’s more! (lol) Our new social committee members will be there to formally introduce themselves as ambassadors of the platinum club. They’re on a mission to make our dive club even more awesome, and they want YOUR ideas and feedback.
  1. Marianne Knox
  2. Mandy Long
  3. Rob Thomas
  4. Debra Wokner
  5. Penny Rex
  6. Brett Theunissen
  7. Lindy Baker
  8. Belinda Farmer
  9. Bill Fox
  10. Jack Swanepoel
  11. Audrey Swanepoel
  12. Philip Ezzy
  13. Adam Darney
  14. Paul Fisher
  15. Karen Shaw
  16. Pet Cloeraine
  17. Marty Cloeraine
  18. Gen Weston
  19. Brett Weston
  20. Morgan Brady
  21. Bec Bryett
  22. Gavin Maddigan
  23. Joyce Dorren
  24. Mark Coghlan
  25. Tom Watts
  26. Michelle Herrell
  27. Andrew Herrell
  28. Tristan Waller
  29. Don Hepburn
  30. Zina Kirkpatrick
Open Water Grad students:
  1. Andrew McKinley + 1
  2. Matthew +1
Mike McKinnon
Shara Smith
Gwen Sands
Chris Maxwell
Jake Alexander
Tim Denyer
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