Aqua Lung Snap Snorkel


The Aqua Lung Snap rolls up and can be carried in a BC pocket or hung from a D-ring. The snorkel deploys in a snap, making it the most travel-friendly snorkel ever.

You know you’re supposed to have one, but most scuba divers find a heavy, rigid plastic snorkel to be a drag on diving comfort. So Aqua Lung introduced the Snap / Nautilus Snorkel. This unique product is designed to be carried rolled-up in your buoyancy vest pocket and only removed when required.

The Aqua Lung Snap Snorkel is stored in a small holder and immediately snaps into shape when removed. The snorkel’s light weight makes it a pleasure to use when it is required. No mask leaking problems due the heavy influence of the snorkel on the mask strap.



  • Rolls up; compact design
  • Fits in a BC pocket or can be attached to a BC
  • All silicone design for flexibility and durability
  • Regulator quality mouth piece
  • Secure-Easy snorkel keeper is soft and comfortable and allows for easy removal from the mask strap
  • Compact 85 mm diameter by 40 mm wide shape

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm