CressiRubber Weight Belt with Stainless Steel Buckle


A belt designed with durability in mind. Sturdy rubber and a stainless steel buckle and pin mean it’s made to last.

This rubber is paired with a strong stainless steel buckle. The tilting check pin fits into regularly spaced holes along the belt. At 1.4m long, this belt will fit virtually any adult diver.



  • Durable Rubber Material: Compared to your typical webbing weight belt, this type of rubber can withstand serious wear and tear over time
  • Stainless steel buckle: A critical component for any durable weight belt.
  • Secure Grip and Quick Release: A must-have safety feature for all weight belts that allows you to quickly ditch your belt when you need to surface quickly.
  • Length: 1.4m

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Black, Blue, Camo, Red, White